Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Week 12

Well, little one and I have 2 appointments this week, one was Monday, and the big one is Friday.

Monday was just a normal check up, but I got to hear the heart beat! I was in love! Baby P is going strong at 166bpm. Now I have been checking out the old wives tales and one states that if a heartbeat is under 140, it's a boy, above 140, a girl! Chris thinks it's a boy still, but I have the winning team because more people think it is a girl (Me, Mom, Gramma Betty, and Gramma Gee Gee). Baby P is the size of a plum this week. We are at the end of our first trimester!!!

Friday, I have to make the trip into Hartford, about 40 minutes away, at 8 am. Luckily, it was only early in the pregnancy that I was craving more and more sleep. Lately I have been up around 7:30am. Anyway... Friday is my First Trimester Screening. They will do an ultrasound and check the nuchal translucency, or fluid behind the neck. This is a primary screening for birth defects. Like I said last week, this ill not change the view of this pregnancy for us, we would just like to know. The best part of the appointment... I finally get to take home the first picture of our baby!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Recap of the last few weeks.

I think it has been.. what? 3 weeks since I posted? Clearly, I have been slacking. Before I get into the baby portion.. of the baby blog, I just read an amazing post by Kristen. This is really hitting home with me because of some issues between C and I.

Anyway... baby.
Baby is good.
Baby has given me heartburn, cramps, and extreme round ligament pain, in this past week alone.

We are 11 weeks today! I still have had no morning sickness (still knocking on wood whenever I say that) and feeling pretty good, overall.

Baby P is the size of a lime this week! He/she no longer has webbed fingers or toes and has a 1:1 body to head size ratio. Baby P is forming hair follicles (according to my Mom, that's why I have the heartburn), tooth buds, and nail beds. The best part of week 11, baby P is finally moving. Even though I can't feel it yet, they are apparently doing plenty of moving.

I go in for another ultrasound on Monday and a general checkup. Then next Friday is the big ultrasound. No.. not the gender ultrasound yet, but Friday we will be able to get our first pictures! I have to go to Hartford Hospital for this u/s because they are going to be screening for birth defects. Not that it matters, but we would like to know.

Well, 9:15 the night before Thanksgiving and I haven't even started my pumpkin roll yet... Should probably get on that.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! And a year from now, you will be seeing a cute little munchkin with a gobble gobble shirt, for sure!!