Thursday, February 23, 2012

24 Weeks

We are at 24 weeks and only have a month left before we hit the 3rd trimester! Time is flying by so fast!!

Little man has been so active this week, and more so than he has been. He is usually wiggling around and wakes me up around 8-8:30, sleeps until about 2 then starts moving around again. He has stayed consistent, since I first felt him move, and is always awake between 8:30-9 at night. He will usually be movin and shakin for a few hours until we go to bed.

I have still been getting heartburn every night, but besides that, no real issues. I have found that even though I have my new body pillow (AMAZING) it is getting harder and harder to stay asleep at night.

So his stats: At 24 weeks, he weighs just over a pound (gained 4 oz in the past week alone) and is almost a foot long. BabyCenter compares his size to an ear of corn. Right now he is tall and lean, but he will soon be packing on the pounds, along with Momma (up to 151, 16lb weight gain). This week his respiratory system is starting to develop, as well as producing surfactant (what will inflate his lungs when he gets here!).

At the doctor yesterday, we were told that he is still measuring about a week and a half big. They won't be changing the due date until he is measuring 2 and a half weeks ahead of schedule and then they will do an ultrasound... then discuss changing the due date.

I have been adding items like crazy to the registry. Originally, we were registered only at Babies R Us, but have added other stores now as well. Click here to go to the site. I'm sure I will be adding more little things soon.

We are getting so excited!!! It is weird to think that he will be here in 16 weeks! Hormones have been in full effect this week and let's just say Chris is loving it! Not :)


24 Week Belly

Baby Girl wanting to cuddle with Momma and the big belly

And what I love to look at

Thursday, February 16, 2012

23 Week Belly Pics

Since I forgot to add belly pics yesterday, here are a couple that I took last night:

This one looks like a basketball:

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

23 Weeks

Not much has changed this past week. Little man has been getting hiccups and it is the funniest thing ever! Bubba (Smoltz) has been laying his head on my belly and loves it when CP3 gives a little kick. He looks at my belly like "What is going on???" Too cute!

I finally got a body pillow a few days ago, and just the past 2 night sleeping with it has made all the difference! I can sleep through the night and not wake up with hip pains-- it's incredible!

Little Man will do very well for Valentine's Day, if he takes any hints from his Dad. Yesterday, Chris and I went ice skating (no falls! but funny!), went to ChowderPot IV for clam chowder (Chris) and lobster bisque(Me) in bread bowls (Perfect food to warm us up after ice skating), and had Thai for dinner (delicious!). Hubby got me 2 dozen roses and this gorgeous necklace.

Each heart represents one of us: Chris, me, and little man. So incredibly beautiful and sweet!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

22 Weeks

I have absolutely nothing to complain about this week! It has been great and I love how people actually notice I'm pregnant now! Chris made it a point to tell me I look like a"b" with my bump sticking out.

CP3, or Moose, or Christopher (Can't decide on what to call him!) has been doing a lot of movin' and shakin' this week. I love that I am now able to look at my belly and see the movements on the outside. Last night, he got a good stretch in and I could see this weird little lump where he was pushing out!

I have been doing lots of blog reading and found a few different posts that I adore. The first is so sweet and sentimental; 25 Things I Want My Son to Know. Every single one of these is exactly how I feel and cannot wait for little man to get here! The second post is funny, in (what I can imagine) a very true sense. The post is called "The sh*t they don't tell you about babies"

This week Little Man has been growing like a weed. At 22 weeks, he is supposedly 10 inches and 1 pound! At his ultrasound a few weeks ago they said he is measuring a week big, so he may be a little longer and weigh a little more. His big accomplishment this week is he can now hear what is going on outside. Good thing for him to get used to : all the noise that comes with his furry brother and sisters! His face is now fully formed (weird, but good to know) and sleeps in cycles now. This Momma has been catching on to sleep and wake times, but from what I've read, they won't be the same when he gets here.