Thursday, May 31, 2012

37- 38 Weeks... Almost time!

Now that I have said it's almost time, little man will want to keep baking for a few more weeks!

Anyway, I am about 38 and a half weeks now, and yesterday at my appointment, I was about a cm and a half dilated.  That wasn't much of a change since last week, when I was officially dropped and 1 cm dilated.  Since that appt, Chris has been convinced we will meet our baby boy that day... and will rarely go anywhere without me or having his phone with him (which.. really? how is that any different??)  I have also not gained any weight for the past 3 weeks and my blood pressure has gone up slightly, which the Dr. said is perfectly normal at this stage.

This past weekend into early this week was a killer.  I mean it was brutal.  90 degree weather + mugginess + 38 weeks preggers.... not a good combination in the least bit.  I could not get comfortable and was absolutely miserable.  God bless Chris for dealing with me, because I couldn't even stand myself.  But he would just joke and laugh at (with?) me.. which would just irritate me more then, but I really appreciate it now.

I think we are about as ready as we will ever be for Christopher to get here.  We have the car seat in the car, the bassinet next to the bed, hospital bags packed, clothes washed, coming home outfits ready, and my little nesting things accomplished (but I am still finding things to do).  I think it was Monday night, I was up until almost 3 am because I had to clean the kitchen, clear out the refrigerator, and make a 2 page grocery list of what we like and may need eventually... with eventually being the operative word.  Chris basically sleep walks downstairs and almost had to drag me to bed.  Ever since then, I have found little things to do, which really aren't that little.  I decided to pull all of Chris' clothes from the closet and wash them all, and finished that last load today.  Last night, I went out back and raked the pebbles in the dog run and weed whacked.  Chris thinks that since I am "nesting" he should give me a list of what could be done.  Uhh no way buddy.  I don't think so (this might have caused some irritation during the scorching days).  But I did cave and helped him clean the Motorhome.

Here is the 38 week belly.. I almost feel as if it got smaller. 
Dr. said it is possible as he settles in lower.

Christopher's "bassinet" right next to the bed.. until he is ready for his crib.

One of my favorite outfits for Christopher... from Chris' friends Byron & Zoe
A Chris Paul jersey from the Clipper's... His nickname is CP3

And just because they are too cute!

Friday, May 18, 2012

36 Weeks

We had a very busy week this week!  Chris had a break between sessions so we wanted to get everything done that was still on the to-do list.  We tackled most of the outside work before it rained for half of the week. We put gravel in the dog run to keep mud down and it looks SO much better!  We weeded flower beds and weedwacked what we couldn't get with the mower.  All the outdoor work made me super sore, but I basically did nothing compared to Chris!
Later in the week we did a major spring/summer clean.  We have been in the house since August, but in this past week we finally got the guest room set up and Chris' office.  Actually, we just picked up Chris' desk last night and a filing cabinet/hutch today.  We have been go-go-go all week and were way too exhausted to even think about seeing the movie we have wanted to see for the past couple of weeks.  Tomorrow.. we are hoping to see What to Expect When You're Expecting.. seemed fitting in our situation :)

Christopher seemed to have gone through another growth spurt in the past week.  It may not look like it, but I am definitely feeling the growth.  He weighs about 6.5-7 lbs and is probably around the length he will be when he's born.  Movements are still going strong, even when we have been busy working.  I think he is anxious to come out and meet everyone.. I don't think he like his tight little space because most of the time, his legs are stretched right out, making my belly look lopsided, but good news, he is still head down!

While going though our cleaning days, we finished setting up all of Christopher's things, including both swings from Aunt Marina and Me Mere.  The full size swing is already set up and just waiting for his arrival.  Most of the other equipment is in the nursery, making it pretty cramped.

Travel-Size Swing from Aunt Marina, Uncle Tim, and the girls...

Full-Size Swing that Chris bought for his nieces and Aunt Marina sent us to use :) 

36 Week Belly, amid all the cleaning. 

And, just because we are so proud... The new dog run we spent 10 hours doing! 

Can't believe we will be full term on Monday!!  

Thursday, May 10, 2012

35 Weeks!

We are getting so close!!! I cannot believe he is almost here!  We cannot wait to hold our little man, but hopefully he keeps baking another couple weeks at least.

Christopher weighs about 6 lbs, though we don't know for sure, because the doctor won't give us another ultrasound!  The next time we will actually see him will be in our arms.  He is about 19-20 inches and his room is getting tight!  I don't feel an big somersaults anymore, but the kicks and punches keep coming in full force.

This week, his physical developments are complete.  His kidneys and liver are fully functional now.  These next couple weeks will just be him putting on that cute little baby fat!

Chris is convinced I'm nesting, though I think I'm just getting final preparations taken care of.  I haven't been doing anything outrageous, by any means.  Earlier this week, I washed and packed our hospital bags, though I'm sure we won't use the majority of it.  I have also finished setting up the play yard.  Last week I said it was set up, but this weeks I actually set up the bassinet part, changing table, and mobile too.  I have been making lists like crazy... what we still need to get, what we still need to pack, last minute things to pack... my desk is covered with lists!

Yesterday, I went to Babies R Us and Target and found so many cute outfits, but had to keep myself from buying them.  I did end up getting 2 gowns for Christopher at bedtime.  We have heard so many great things about gowns, especially for the early  AM changes.. we wont have to worry about snaps or zippers.  I almost almost almost bought this because I can imagine this is what it is going to be like for Christopher and the dogs:

And 35 Weeks Belly:

And the final play yard:

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Weeks 32-34 and Baby Shower

Clearly I have taken yet another blogging hiatus!
We are well into the third trimester, in fact, we are 8 and a half months along!  Chris and I are getting more and more anxious with each passing day and cannot wait to meet Christopher!!!
At 34 weeks, little man weighs about 5 lbs and around 18-19 inches long!  He is getting so big, so fast, and with him is my belly.  I have lost sight of everything below (lol) and I'm starting to get pretty uncomfortable after sitting in the same position for awhile.  He has found my ribs and loves stretching right up into them.  Heartburn hasn't let up in the least bit and no matter what I do throughout the day, my back hurts whenever I lay down for bed.  Chris has laughed a few times watching me trying to get out of bed or off the couch (he eventually helps!)

Whenever I have a Braxton Hicks contraction, we can always feel Christopher in the same position.  I usually have a bigger bump on my right side and my belly looks a little deformed (hah!)  But the good news about his positioning, he is already head down and will more than likely stay that way.  At my appointment on Monday the Dr. said little man feels good and everything is going on a great path.

A couple weeks ago, I went home to good ol' Sayre for my baby shower!  I  loved very single minute of being "home" and had a great time!  I met Lukas and holding the teeny tiny peanut made me soo much more anxious for Christopher to get here!!  Saturday was my shower and I loved every minute of it!  I was so glad I was able to visit with family I hadn't seen for several months.  My mom had a couple games set up, including a nursery rhyme completion (I did NOT win, by any means) and a belly measuring game.  Most of the ladies went a little (WAY) too big :), but it was all in good fun.  We received so many beautiful and special gifts.  Little man got plenty of adorable clothes, books, and we have started the diaper/wipes stack.  He is all set for bath time (I would hope) and all ready for exploring and getting out of the house.   I got a boppy and have already been looking for patterns to create some more covers!  He also got a homemade quilt from his Meme, a fleece blankie from Great Gramma Gee Gee, a beautiful minky quilt from his Aunt Marina (with a matching lovie), and is really looking forward to seeing his Gramma Sue's quilt!!

Christopher's Great Gramma Gee Gee got his stroller and car seat and this (soon to be) Momma already has it set up.  Chris laughs at me all the time, and ok.. it is funny/pathetic, but I have been playing with the car seat, practicing how/where to clip and how to fold/unfold the stroller.  I have also set up the play yard the Christopher got from his Aunt Angie and Aunt Sherri.

It's getting late so I am going to wrap things up, but first, a few pictures!

 Diaper Cake-- By My Mom and Sister!

 Car seat that has been practiced on quite a few times!

 The nursery is filling up!  To the left is our new favorite place to sit, the glider from Christopher's Me Mere

 34 Week side belly shot

 34 week straight on belly shot, getting wider

The view from here is very limited!