Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Week 4, 1 Month Check-up

At Christopher's 1 month appointment we found out he's been growing like a weed! ( though we had a pretty good idea).  He weighed in at 10lbs. 9 oz (66%), 22.25" (72%) and a head circumference of 15" (43%).  He has been very talkative and interactive.  He loves his Animal Faces book, elephant crunchy, and monkey rattle.  He is definitely a music boy and lights up whenever we sing or dance. Christopher is also a water baby.. he plays and smiles during bath time!  He is very interested in his books and loves the colors and pictures in them.  Christopher can hold his head up for quite a long time.  His pediatrician was very impressed by how much head control he has.  He held up his head looking at dinosaurs on the wall in the Dr. office for almost 2 minutes straight!  He got his 2nd Hep B shot and Momma was on the verge of tears.  He was wondering what the prick was in his leg, but when the nurse injected the vaccine, he screamed and I almost lost it.  After that, all he has been wanting to do is sleep and cuddle, cuddle, cuddle with his Mommy... and I am 100% OK with that :D
Smiley boy

He love love loves this swing!

Water baby.. loves bathtime!

Xaia and Christopher with Daddy

Very talkative in the AM

Loves going for walks with Mommy, when it's not 90+

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