Thursday, August 9, 2012


... our boy has been growing like a weed! Christopher is no 8 weeks and 1 day.  We had to visit the doctor on Tuesday, more to come on that, and he weighed 12lbs and 15oz!  Anyway, let's break it down...

5 Weeks:

cuddling with Grandma

Grandma Sue, Papa, and Uncle Johnny came to CT to visit us for Vacation and we had the best time!! It was a week of firsts for Christopher.  We went out to eat, and believe it or not, it was Christopher's first dining out experience.  He did great!  It was also his first time in the front carrier, and loved it.  The way it holds him acts as if he is cuddled on my chest, his favorite place to be right now (I am NOT looking forward to that changing).   Uncle Johnny (and Mommy) took Christopher on his first ride.. the carousel at the mall! Another first: beach!  Christopher obviously didn't go out in the sun, but he liked it all the same, being his very talkative self! And... his first time at the flea market, decked out with his shades and hat!  His favorite part: cuddling with Grandma by the fire on Saturday night!

6 Weeks:

So at 5 weeks, Christopher met his Papa and Uncle Johnny, and at 6 weeks he got to meet his MeMere, Aunt Marina, and cousins Cecilia and Annie!  They flew out from California, and after an awful, tiring day of flying on Saturday (leaving at 6 am, not getting in until 1am), we had an exciting 4 days! We went to the playground, Dinosaur State Park, the beach (again!), and spent lots of time enjoying our company.  The girls read to Christopher and he was very happy with that, it was too cute!

7 Weeks:

This past week (week 7) has been the most entertaining week for us and Christopher.  He is a VERY talkative, giggly, and all around happy little boy.  He is staying awake for longer periods of time, and sleeping for longer stretches (LOVE!).  A typical day: wake up at 6 am. Play/talk with Mom & Dad in bed until 8am.  Eat/Sleep until 9:30, come downstairs for the day. Read/cuddle til he falls asleep around 10:30. Sleep 10:30-2pm. Wake up, eat.  Play, read, talk , tummy time until around 5.  Eat/sleep 530-8.  Wake up, eat, play with Dad. Bed at 11, sleep until 330 am and start back again. He is getting so big and strong.. not even 2 months old and is already putting his weight on his legs, which doesn't usually happen until almost 4 months (according to  He follows noises, especially Momma's voice, and can track his toys and our face from side to side.  At the end of the week, he moved up into size two diapers.. after successfully peeing on Mommy, even with his diaper on!  He might be embarrassed by this one day, but he also had his first accident in the bath this week.  What's funnier?  It was Daddy's first time giving his bath.  Needless to say, I think Chris is going to be skiddish when it comes to bath time.

8 weeks:

Even though we are only one day into week 8, a few new things have popped up.  First, Christopher has found his tongue and loves playing with it and sticking it out!  Second, he is starting to talk back to me, and not in the bad way! (lol) I will say something to him, look him in the eye, and he will respond! Last, his responses and no longer "ahh" or "ohh".  He has started saying "ah-goo" and giggling!  It is too too cute!!!

So. Tuesday we had to make an unscheduled trip to the Doctor for Christopher.  We found out his had an umbilical granuloma.  Basically, his umbilical cord hadn't completely fallen off.  So Dr. S cauterized it with silver nitrite.. luckily, it didn't hurt Bubba at all, just left a black stain around his belly button that is slowly, but surely coming off.


  1. Big boy! Christian is 2 1/2 months and only 11lbs. How big is your little man now, at 12 weeks?

  2. Christopher is 3mo and a week... and he weighs 17lbs!!! He is a very big boy!!